Oregon Entrepreneurs Network Venture Northwest 2009


Oregon Entrepreneurs Network Announces Presenting Companies for Venture Northwest 2009

Eleven emerging and growing companies to present to venture investors from across the US on October 29 at event in Portland

The Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN) announced the selection of 12 companies that will present at OEN’s Venture Northwest 2009 to be held October 29, 2009, at The Nine’s Hotel in Portland. The companies selected to present at OEN’s Venture Northwest in the past have gone on to raise over $1.3 billion in venture funding the since 1997.

The companies were chosen by a panel of venture capitalists, investment bankers, institutional and angel investors and professional service providers chaired by Brent Bullock, a partner at Perkins Coie LLP in Portland.

The event will also feature success stories from the Northwest including: how Mentor Graphic’s co-founder, Dave Moffenbeier raised over a quarter of a billion dollars of startup capital in Oregon; how Tripwire’s Jim Johnson has successfully built a sustainable technology business, at scale, in Oregon and how Keith Oelrich took Insight Schools, Inc. from rags to riches in 15 months and found liquidity in a tough environment. Steve Wynne formerly of adidas Inc. and Fila will also share insights on the commonalities between elite athletes and entrepreneurs and Ron Schmitz, CIO for Oregon will discuss the current investment climate, and where startups and venture capital stand.

The companies selected to present at OEN’s Venture Northwest are:

Advanced Inquiry Systems – www.advancedinquiry.com Hillsboro, OR
Advanced Inquiry Systems, Inc. (AISI) is revolutionizing semiconductor test, helping our customers combat rising costs in the midst of falling product prices. Our unique solutions enhance flexibility for device design, greatly reduce test floor WIP, and nearly eliminate pad scrub, enabling at speed wafer test for flash, DRAM and logic devices.

Calidora Skin Clinic – www.calidora.com Seattle, WA

Calidora offers custom tailored aesthetic solutions using cosmetic technologies and products under the care of medical practitioners and aestheticians in a friendly, retail environment. With 7 locations, 4 in Washington and 3 in Southern California, our goal is to become the leading national brand in this emerging, multi-billion dollar industry.

Cularis, Inc. – www.shopigniter.com Portland, OR

ShopIgniter is a real-time, social eCommerce platform with an intent-based search engine for Twitter, FaceBook and other popular social networks. It can manage multiple sales channels for products, including their marketing and promotion. Built for boutiques, small businesses and the enterprise, and delivered as a Software as a Service or download, ShopIgniter is a complete end-to-end solution for online sales.

DesignMedix – www.desigmedix.com Portland, OR

DesignMedix develops novel pharmaceutical products for the treatment and prevention of life-threatening infectious diseases based on its proprietary approach to overcoming drug resistance. The company’s lead program for a low cost, safe medicine for malaria is in preclinical studies, with a second program in development for a broad-spectrum antibiotic.

Elemental Technologies – www.elementaltechnologies.com Portland, OR
Elemental Technologies is the leading provider of massively parallel processing solutions for video applications. Using off-the-shelf, programmable graphics processing units (GPUs) for compute-intensive video processing and conversion tasks, Elemental’s products are ideally suited for a variety of video applications including consumer media processing, professional video editing and Internet video processing.

Giftango – www.giftango.com Tigard, OR

Giftango is focused on the NEXT stage of gift, loyalty and member cards with virtual cards delivered through computer and mobile phones. This means new promotions, incentives and rewards capabilities for merchants through an all-digital, carbon friendly fulfillment channel that is already proving more popular than plastic.

Lucid Commerce – www.lucidcommerce.com Seattle, OR

Lucid Commerce is the leading provider of media optimization solutions for marketers. Lucid Commerce enables marketers to see exactly what their real return on investment is for every marketing dollar they spend. Lucid Commerce has optimized over $600,000,000 in revenue for its clients.

Prolifiq – www.prolifiq.net Beaverton, OR

Prolifiq provides on-demand software that accelerates sales and helps companies meet regulatory requirements by organizing, sending and tracking approved digital content throughout their sales processes. Prolifiq has transformed the sales operations of leading companies in the life sciences, technology and digital media industries.

Second Porch – www.secondporch.com Portland, OR
Second Porch facilitates renting and trading vacation homes through owner’s trusted network, avoiding pitfalls of dealing with strangers. The application spreads awareness of vacation properties across social platforms like Facebook. Owners list and renters search properties free. Revenue comes from premium features via subscription, referral and transaction fees.

Shore Power – www.shorepower.com Portland, OR

Shorepower Technologies builds, deploys and operates road-side plug-in stations that allow the nation’s 500,000 long-haul truck drivers to eliminate unnecessary idling during required rest periods, saving drivers an average of $4,000 per year on diesel fuel while significantly reducing associated toxic emissions.

Wicked Quick – www.wickedquick.com Hillsboro, OR

Wicked Quick is a premium clothing and accessories brand rooted in the world of speed, rebellion and attitude. We currently offer lifestyle product at Nordstrom, Metropark, select Harley Davidson Dealership’s and others. We also produce performance gear for professional teams including three-time NASCAR champion team Joe Gibbs Racing.

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