Angel Oregon 2011: The rise of Pacifc NW Entrepreneurs, Investors and where innovation starts here

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On March 16, 2o11 more than 300 people( investors, entrepreneurs and other influential peeps) gathered at the governor hotels. 24Notion were there to take part of the celebration on the day of Angel Oregon 2011. We are the proud patron sponsored for OEN AO 2011 again this year. The room is filled with many entrepreneur enthusiasts but short on women attendance. The ratio 85% of male dominance and 15% women says it all where we need more Women entrepreneurs to take part of this day. Glad that Soothie suckers( women launched start up concept) won as the concept stage winner.

here are list of winners of the AO 2011:

OpenSesame (Launch Stage Winner) and Soothie Suckers (Concept Stage Winner) emerged as the victors at OEN’s Angel Oregon 2011. OpenSesame will receive the $185,000 Launch Stage Company Award and Soothie Suckers Wins $25,000 Concept Stage Company Award.

4-Tell and Preciva were awarded OEN’s Angel Oregon Peoples’ Choice Awards among the Launch Stage and Concept Stage categories respectively in voting by more than 300 people who attended the competition.

Launch Stage company winner OpenSesame is an online marketplace that makes purchasing an e-learning course as easy as downloading a song from iTunes. Winner of the Concept Stage award Soothie Suckers, LLC makes all-natural, herbal, freezable remedies to mainstream consumers.

Check out more details on the site here ( p.s. we’ve helped created, developed and hosted this event site)

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