24Notion’s Top 5: Integrated Marketing Trends 2013

We’ve had a great year so far in 2013, and 24Notion is starting a new mini-series of “top 5” blogs.  These short lists will be our picks of the top trends, ads, companies and more that we find. If you’re looking for a quick brief on recent tips and tricks of marketing, PR, communications, digital media, and integrated campaigns, look no further!

For this week’s Top 5, 24Notion brings you this year’s trends for effective integrated marketing. Are you asking why you should be using an integrated approach? Check out our post about why and how to implement integrated social engagement here


5. Valuable Visuals

The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” is still true in today’s marketing landscape. In fact, with the popularity of Pinterest and Instagram, visuals are the only way to go.  Portraits aren’t the only things that can be visually appealing, either. Think about how many quotes in beautiful script are repined daily by Pinterest users.  Also, visuals are more widely shared over social media, increasing their virality.  Visuals that provide some type of value or knowledge are still the most popular for integrated campaigns (e.g. infographics), so getting graphic designers on board of your campaigns is important.


4. Many Screens

This is the age of multi-channel marketing, and integrated marketing takes this to a new level.  Increasingly, companies must produce and customize their marketing communications to multiple screens—computers, TV’s, mobile phones, and even tablets. We’ll see more and more campaigns target users who are on multiple screens at once, such as smartphones and TV.  Seamlessly integrating these screens for users will be where integrated marketing is headed.


3. Real Time is the only option

Using the integrated screens approach in marketing will only get companies so far if companies don’t also invest a lot of time to being leaders in relevant and timely communications. Consumers want real-time interaction and up-to-date reactions from brands.  For companies to stay relevant in the marketplace they must move quicker than ever before in adapting to trends and large events in popular culture that could spark conversation. This also means that long-term integrated marketing must incorporate short-term, creative, and flexible activity.


2. Content needs Context  

In recent years, we’ve seen the explosion of content marketing and the need for fresh, original content for multi-channel marketing. This year we’ve seen that content is still king, but every king needs a queen, which is context.  24Notion is huge on content creation, but we also understand that context is hugely important in today’s society of multitasking consumers. Putting ourselves in the shoes of our target audience will be key this year, so that communications can be catered specifically to those who receive integrated marketing communications in all situations—on smartphones while checking social media and riding the bus, on a tablet in between meetings, and more.  Using content and context together provides companies a new way to target audiences in the right ways at the right times.


1.  Storytelling & Listening

Everyone loves a good story, and at 24Notion, we use storytelling in branding.  Last year, we saw a huge spike in corporate storytelling and the power of making connections with target audiences through stories.  What’s even more important this year has been what companies do after telling their story: listening.  Your audience will react to your stories, but you must also be ready to react to your audience.  This interaction can be as simple as tweeting a follow-up statement or a new chapter in your company’s story. Listening to your audience is the most important thing that will help companies produce greater customized, targeted, and interactive content for integrated marketing campaigns this year and beyond.


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