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I have to tell you that I had fun experiencing my first sustainability living expo in Northwest. The highlight was the set up for the good energy house! Getting to know more about living green is a good way for the future. What is exciting for me was learning that everything I use on a daily basis as an impact to the environment and small things add up quickly! Our choices are important and choosing the right light bulb to your choice of appliances makes a tremendous impact to the environment. Something else that caught my eye is the possibility that we can use solar energy as a heat source. Why do you want to go solar? By installing solar electric or solar water heating system is more affordable than you may think. Simply put, it’s a reliable energy while reducing your carbon footprint. cimg4548





cimg4541I really got hooked on the 360 vodka: an ecofriendly premium vodka. I’ve had a taste of an eco-tea-ni, a combination of 360 vodka, green tea and honey. Mmhh pretty yummy! The other one is Willamette Valley Vineyards wine– I have to tell you that I’m a big fan of local homegrown

wine. WVV is one of the finest Oregon pinot noir makers and I delight in drinking any glass of theirs.

Do check out kurisu garden showcase. I’ve had a chance to meet with the daughter of Kurisu himself, Kuniko kurisu.  This garden is incredible and breathe taking! It’s an amazing Japanese style design and more.

I was pretty bummed out the fact that I didn’t get to spend enough time with the SolarWorld company. There are so many people swarming around their booth and decided to just contact them myself. I am a big fan of the solarworld as a company and they are building the plant here in the Oregon. Way to go, SolarWorld!

Other exciting stuff to check out and get educated on my POV:

Kink 101.9FM

Oregon environmental council

City of Portland-your sustainability city

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