a look inside of Oregon Humane society

Yesterday, I had the privileged to spend a couple hours with a great lady, Jane, who’s the head of PR corporate relations manager for Oregon Humane society. Jane and I had a strong connection immediately as we started to chat. The passion and love for rescuing homeless animals.

Did you know that last year in 2008 OHS Adoption Rate:
– OHS adopted 3,523 dogs–98% of all dogs offered for adoption
– OHS adopted 4,811 cats– 94% of all cats offered for adoption
– OHS adopted 895 small animals–95% of all small animals offered for adoption – OHS adopted a total of 9,229 animals–96% of all animals at the shelter.

-13,000 volunteers each year to lend a helping hands at OHS

>300 plus of foster families ready to help any dogs who are in need of TLC

Its great how they’ve build amazing alliances with Local County of animal shelters to secure more dogs to be save. Most shelter could only pick up and keep dogs/cats for no more than 9 days. Which means, they most likely be euthanized. With the help of the communities, OHS is able to help save more animals each year.

So, please support the Oregon humane society. By donating, adopting, fostering, volunteering or registering to the Doggie Dash of 2009-PDX’s biggest party for pets and people on May 9th. 100% of your registration fee goes to the animals.dd_cap03_color


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