What is your Branded experience?

Doggie Bday cake- BoneJour Gourmutt Bakery

A couple weeks ago, I went to pick up a birthday doggie cake for maxie. Little that I know, I’m getting a little bit of a good surprised from Cindy, the owner of BoneJour Gourmutt bakery. She really took care of maxie! We’ve had a great chat about her dog bakery business and others. I have to be honest with you that she really understands how to take care of her customers very well. To add into it, she understands the idea of marketing and branding for your overall experience. How cool is that! Off course, we have some things in common of the love of our pets! A couple weeks ago, I’ve called Cindy simply to order a bday cake for maxie. We’ve collaborated on the overall design, ingredients, icings, colors etc… I couldn’t believe how great it looks. Another A+ for the packaging. Gotta love it.



I was super impressed and pleased at the whole experience: from ordering the cake, Chatting with Cindy over the phone and receiving the cake. I’m talking about attention to every detail! Every little thing does count for the customers who really feel like they are not only buying a cake for our pet’s indulgence but the matter of the fact that the overall experience of feeling greatness is a total plus.

I haven’t seen any good Dog bakery that takes care of their customers and mutt best friend with 100% customer satisfactions. This year, I really think that they knock it out of the ballpark. So for all of you pet lovers, be sure to get your doggie birthday cake from Bone-Jour Gourmutt bakery. Simply ask for Cindy! She rocks it!!!!!!

So, what is your branded experience for your customers? … Start thinking! If you need help, then ping me.

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