24Notion’s Top 5 Tips for Integrated Social Engagement

It’s a New Year, and that means it’s time to start on all of those resolutions. If you are looking to increase engagement on social media platforms, 24Notion has you covered!  We’ve put together our top 5 tips for increasing integrated communications engagement.  While the word “engagement” is thrown around a lot today, it is important to remember that engagement is more than just getting followers (although we love increasing our social media following!).  Engagement is what can persuade people to follow your company, and also what keeps followers interested in your brand or company.

So, what are our top tips for gaining a following and engaging your audience?

Choose a target audience

As much as we all want our messages to reach everyone, it’s just not feasible to successfully reach such a wide audience.  Choosing a target audience that will be meaningful for your specific messaging is key.  Also, keep in mind that your audience on Twitter may be different than on Facebook or Pinterest.  Setting up a target audience will help you customize, which is what we love at 24Notion.

Understand your audience

This is different from simply knowing an age range of your followers.  What kinds of demographic characteristics does your target audience have?  How do they think?  What do they like to do on social media?  Knowing your audience will allow further customization and shape how you form campaigns and messaging.

Understand the objective (and stick to it)

Every campaign or social media strategy has an objective behind it. Make sure you know what it is and build off of that.  24Notion has successfully implemented strategic, integrated marketing for our clients that achieved bottom line results to meet objectives and increase engagement.

Get integrated

Want to connect?  Today, everyone wants integrated marketing communications.  We’re all about integration in our work!  Connect websites to your social media, and use similar messaging across platforms for consistency.  Link together all of your messaging—you can integrate grassroots, print ads, and PR communications to make a comprehensive campaign. There are so many ways to connect, so let’s use them!

Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize

After doing all of this work to reach your target audience, what’s left to do?  Planning is key to prevent you from getting overwhelmed with details.  Divide your work into small, manageable tasks and make sure you know what is at the top of your priority list.  This makes it easy to carry out a big social media push.  After you release your messaging, don’t forget to prioritize in some time to read your data so you know your success rates!

Whether you are looking to hook in a few followers for your campaign or keep your audience engaged through your initiatives, these tips will help guide you as ways to build up your social integrated communications relationships. And, of course, these tips leave room for as much innovation as you want—let out your creativity! Have more tips for our fabulous readers?  Share them with us!

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