24Notion up close and personal: Owner and creator of 40notes perfume, Miriam Vareldzis

small2x1logo signatureYou said things that are aesthetically pleasing inspire you, how do you create a scent for something you have seen such as a painting or sunset?

My inspiration actually comes from the notes themselves.  Notes, fragrance essences, actually create images and feelings, as I smell them.  It has a very physiological effect, to smell these notes, and that can create imagery that is quite beautiful.  The creation comes from an inner inspiration.  Imagery and scent creation are very connected for me.

Do you plan to expand your company beyond perfume?  Candles?  Lotions?  Men’s cologne?

Yes. 40notes will naturally expand into other products. First, is the development of eau de Parfum Spray, based in organic alcohol (most likely organic grape alcohol).  A body lotion or other body veil may follow.  As far as men’s vs. women’s, the line already has two fragrances that men tend to purchase naturally (Oudwood Veil and Cashmere Musk). The fragrances aren’t based on notions of feminine or masculine, but rather on their own olfactory personality.  Anyone can be drawn or attracted to any scent profile.  Men even love the White Winter Flower, as its orange flower; extremely clean on skin.

What perfume do you wear, besides your own?

I have loved fragrance, perfume and smelling for as long as I can remember. There are fragrances that I own which are quite classic, (like Chanel 19 or YSL’s Rive Gauche), that I still enjoy. I love the original Hermes fragrances, particularly eau d’Orange Verte, parfum d’Hermes.  An older fashioned perfume that holds cherished memories for me is Je Reviens, by Worth; as my great aunt wore it with such panache.  There are little solid perfumes I found in Paris that I love to wear as well.  And an early teen favorite that has been reformulated: Skin Musk.  I simply open and smell the bottle, without needing to even wear it.  The pleasure is in the variety and the memories that are there for me with these scents.

If you could only smell one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

This is like asking if there were only one color, or one flavor… a thought I really don’t want to even entertain!  I love the freshness of citrus and the memories they hold; I love the clean yet warm edginess of green scents, and I love the warmth and sensuality of patchouli, woods, vetiver, and musk base notes.  This is my life, I couldn’t ever choose between these wonderful elements.

What would be your advice for someone trying to find a new scent for him or herself?

Pay close attention to how your body/mind/emotions feel when you wear a scent. This is the final barometer.  Spray the scent on blotter first, and live with it.  If you keep going back to it, then dab some on your upper arm, away from jewelry or leather watchbands. These contaminate a fragrance. If you then like it on your skin, and it makes you feel good, then it may be a scent for you.  Don’t be surprised if in time (months/years), you transition away from your particular scent to something else.  It’s natural to enjoy different perfumes in a lifetime.

How’s working with 24Notion on your complete business planning, strategic and Integrated marketing/PR brand presence?

I couldn’t be happier with my website and company branding. The process of working with Ivo has been a true collaboration. She has given me the space to be the creative person that I am, and simultaneously has guided me in the process of something that was her expertise.  From my brand images, photo shoots, web design and production, to press releases, she has been there the entire time as a calm and grounding professional.  She was able to ask the right questions of me, to get me to write the content to best reflect my vision, my product, and me.  I highly recommend Ivo and the 24Notion team as a fantastic, energetic, fresh and expert branding/marketing company!

Visit http://40notes.com/ to learn more about Miriam Vareldzis and 40notes perfume

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